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About Us

Final Product
Prep work
Using the Mixer
Mix Away
Mixing the Batches
Mixing the Batches
5am Shift...weighing
Waiting to be Weighed
Waiting to be Filled
Sugaring the Cakes
Adding Butter
New Butter Hole Maker
Loading the Oven
All Baked

Moravian Sugar Cakes

A long-standing tradition of our congregation is to bake Moravian Sugar Cakes both for our Lovefeast services and also for sale. Many members of the congregation help with this two-day project.

Strawberry Festival

Every June we hold a Strawberry Festival. We have hot dogs, hamburgers, snack and drinks available for purchase along with several options for dessert... Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe  (w/Ice Cream), Strawberry Shortcake, a bowl of Strawberries or even just a bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe
Getting the Tent up
Getting the Stakes in
Tent's Up
Sunday Prep
Getting Ready
Crafty Ladies Things
Brian Grilling
Making Strawberry Shortcake
So Delicious
Saucon Valley Music Elite Performers
Saucon Valley Music Elite Performers
Finished Product
Ready to Wrap the Candles
Hard at Work
Candle Wrapping
Ready for Christmas Eve
Passing the Light
Singing Hymns
Joy to the World
Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at Mountainview means gathering together to remember and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We join together in singing hymns and sharing in a Lovefeast of fresh baked sugar cake and chocolate milk. Our sanctuary then glows with the light of Beeswax candles wrapped in red tissue paper.

Church Clean-Up

Every Fall and Spring we get together and clean up the church grounds...from the youngest members to the oldest.

Looking Good
Mulching and Weeding
Nancy Raking
Kelly Getting Ready to Weed
Weeding and Mulching
Cleaning Out the Flower Bed
Bud Pruning
Brian and Geoff Moving Mulch
The Pastor Pressure Washing
2017 Game...Yellow Won
Learning how to block
Choosing Sides
Our Spectators
Reviewing the Rules
Here's the Ball
Getting Ready
Bud with his 2017 Signed Football

Thanksgiving Football

On Thanksgiving Morning at 9am members and friends of the congregation gather at Dimmick Park for a friendly game of football. All ages welcome!

Outdoor Worship

On the Sunday of our Annual Strawberry Festival, we hold worship outside at 9:30am 

2017 sing don
2017 service 2
2017 service
2017 service 3
Outdoor Worship
Painting Signs
Who we are
More painting
All Ready to Go
Gather Wagon
Ready to Pull the Trailer
Organize and Distribute
Dude and Little Dude
Just testing it out
Spirit Day Float
And we are off
Walking, Riding, Throwing Candy
100+ Volunteers

2016 Spirit Parade

On October 23, 2016, we joined with other groups in the community for the Saucon Valley Spirit Parade. The theme was Reduce, Repurpose, Recycle and we created a float highlighting our Clothing Ministry. We Gather clothing, we Organize the clothing and then we Distribute the clothing. We were very excited to win the Judges Choice - Theme Choice Award.

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